How we got here — a short history of us

On/Off collaboration first came together in the summer of 2014 as a group of artists and art professionals from several geographical backgrounds interested in sharing interests, theoretical and practice based research, and exploring off and online ways of communication and collaboration. Our original practice borrowed from the concepts of game and play in order to establish a working relationship between the members, as a way of organisational structure and as a research methodology to gather and share knowledge about our topics, interests and everydayness. With that purpose, our original research focused on how to create a “common experience” within a virtual space, exploring how much of [the practice of everyday life] our personal interests and experiences could be transmitted and shared online and how to relate to others through digital devices.

The group reconfigured in order to organise our first exhibition Pure Game (25 Jun 2016 - 01 Oct 2016, Casa Del Lago, MX) directing our focus on the internal working mechanisms of the group and turning to collaboration itself as our research object. This culminated in an exhibition that reflected much of our group dynamics but also the challenges and difficulties of digital communication and collective collaboration. This exhibition in Mexico City was the first time all the members of the group meet in the same physical location, giving us a chance of reflect on the positive and negative aspects of our doing and triggering a second reconfiguration of our focus, methodology and practice.

Our latest project takes a renewed approach to online collaboration. We are continuing with our Sunday conversations, sharing our personal research projects and continue to formulate and answer questions about the meaning of collaboration. We are looking back on our archive to analyse the workings and journey of our practice, reflecting on the meaning of collective memory and the re-interpretation, re-enacting and re-narration of history, but also to find an archival structure that serves our goals, and taking a view of the archive as a time-based collaborative practice. We are also starting an editorial project exploring the changing nature of editorial, writing and reading practices in the digital age, as well as the creation and circulation of knowledge. As we are still investigating and experimenting with the nature of online sharing, the platform also includes ongoing projects involving the participation of one or several members of the group. We are keeping the structure and goal of the platform open and flexible in order to expand it in the future, possibly including a public forum and an exhibition space.

︎ on/off collaboration are:
Carolina Alba 
Mirjam Kroker
Jimena Mendizabal
Alejandro Orozco